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Graphic design and illustration

Our design division offers a single point of contact for all your design needs.  Be it a logo, a website or a marketing campaign, we will provide you with unique visual communication solutions to help you grow your business and take it to the next level.


  Branding and logo design

  Website design and development

  Business cards and other stationery

  Corporate folders and company profiles

  Posters, flyers, & other adverts

With over 10 years of experience in the publishing industry and a collection of wonderful original publications, we are perfectly positioned to provide established publishers, aspiring authors and self-publishers the services they need to bring their manuscripts to life.



  Publishing administration

  Professional language services

  Artistic & technical services

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  • Supernova Magazine

    Supernova Magazine

    Supernova is an educational magazine, targeted at children between the ages of 9 and 14. This bi-monthly publication aims to make children aware of issues which affect them, their community and the environment, by giving them tools and inspiration to become active and responsible world citizens. The content of the magazine is fun, informative and entertaining, and focuses on subjects such as ecology, history, sports, science, world cultures, arts and social issues. The magazine loosely follows and enhances the school curriculum, and is used by educators as a classroom resource.



    Editor: Andrea Vermaak

    Launched: 2011

    Age-group: 9+

    Contents: Educational; Entertainment

    Retail price: R50.00

    Subscriptions: R300.00 (one year, six issues)

    or R600.00 (two years, twelve issues)

    ISSN: 22241442




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  • Inspiring Champions

    As the sports psychologist who helped the Springbok Rugby team claim the title of World

    Champions in 2007 and mentally prepare Olympic Champion Cameron van der Burgh to achieve his life-long dream, Dr Henning Gericke has a wealth of insight into the mind of the champion.


    In this book, Gericke brings together years of experience in working with champions, helping them to develop their dreams, empowering them with the mental skills, resilience and composure to achieve them, as well as instilling the winning habits which are crucial to the champion mindset. Each of the 41 chapters discusses a crucial aspect of the champion’s journey effectively, blending principles of psychology, Eastern philosophy, inspiring anecdotes and powerful quotations.

    After each chapter, Gericke draws on his impressive repertoire of South African champions, and famous sports stars and coaches to share their personal ‘Green and Gold Stories’ and add muster to his teachings.


    At the end of each theme, Gericke challenges the reader to ‘Reflect and Act’. Each chapter is

    summarised into five points which can be applied in one’s everyday life.


    This book will inspire and leave the reader empowered. It is a must-read for all aspiring champions and their mentors, from sports enthusiasts of all ages and their coaches, to ambitious professionals...read more



  • Soccer Farm

    This is the true story of two young boys, one black and one white, who grow up on a farm in South Africa during the early ‘80s.


    It is the height of apartheid and integration of different races is something that is completely unacceptable as per official policy of the government of the day. The white Afrikaner community is very supportive of this policy as a result of continuous indoctrination from the government.


     Despite this, the two boys become best friends. The black boy introduces his white friend to the sport of soccer and he immediately falls in love with the game. The two start their own soccer team on the farm and it is not long before they have a whole ‘league’ running.


    Because of the apartheid policy and the attitude of the white community, the white boy gets rejected by his peers at school. Soccer is seen as a ‘black sport’. The fact that he chooses soccer over rugby, which is the ‘sport of the Afrikaner’, makes it even worse.


    As he is rejected by his ‘own people’, he interacts more and more with the black community, not only on the soccer field, but also on a social level. He learns more about the African culture and also becomes fluent in the local African language.


    The black community accepts him with open arms and goes out of their way to make him feel part of them...read more



  • A Look Away Magazine

    A Look Away Magazine

    A Look Away is a submission-based magazine which celebrates South African arts and culture, and serves as a platform for up-and-coming artists, writers, poets, designers and musicians. It also bridges the gap between the arts world and its eager audience. The magazine ran for 15 issues and was a springboard for hundreds of South African artists. A Look Away is a timeless collector’s item. Many back issues are available to begin or complete your collection.



    Retail price: R35.00

    Box set of 4 magazines: R150.00

    ISSN: 1818-2887



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  • Shaggy: 14 Rather Amusing Rambles


    Shaggy: 14 Rather Amusing Rambles, by Anton Krueger and Pravasan Pillay, is a collection of hilarious short monologues by a cast of self-indulgent, idiotic misanthropes whose speeches are full of sound and fury, signifying very little.


    The stories follow 14 peculiar characters as they operate in contemporary South Africa: prepare yourself for a woman addicted to washing dishes, a satanist trying to sell timeshare, and a marketing manager, explaining the supernatural qualities of baked beans!


    The Oppidan Press says it is a "slick literary compilation... satirical, wacky and at times outright absurd... Krueger and Pillay don't so much skewer South African culture as they gently yet doggedly needle our politically over-sensitive psyche".


    Authors: Anton Krueger and Pravasan Pillay

    Launched: June 2011

    Genre: humorous short fiction

    Price: R135.00

    ISBN: 9780620504584



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    Shaggy reviewed in Literator

    Jonathan Amid reviews Shaggy

    Anton Krueger, co-author of Shaggy, interviewed on SAFM



  • Metz & Bop and the Big Library Theft

    Metz and Bop

    Metz and Bop and the Big Library Theft is a beautifully illustrated collection of ten original short stories, comics and a poem by fun-loving South Africans. It's just the right stuff to get the blood pumping, the mind racing and the fire burning in a young reader's heart.


    The stories are all edited on a second language English level which is very accessible to the target market and also to the extended market. The young detective character, Metz, is portrayed as an adventure seeker which inspires a wide audience not only to read Metz and Bop and the Big Library Theft, but other great books as well.


    On its way: Metz and Bop on the trail of the

    Lost Tales.





    Richard Street, Marilyn Perry, Jane van Velsen, Carolyn Visser, Elma van den Berg, Karen Jeynes, Ofentse Ribane, Nerine Dorman, Fracois Verster and Lydia Gittens.



    Gerhard Cruywagen and Rhys Ap Gwyn.



    Age group: 8+

    Contents: Comics, 10 very cool short stories and a poem

    Retail price: R40.00

    ISBN: 978-0-9814335-0-9



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Benoit Knox launched BK Publishing in 2005, during his second year at university. Since then, the Pretoria-based publishing house has grown by leaps and bounds, never losing focus on its goal to publish quality, proudly South African books and magazines.


Publications to date include quarterly arts and culture magazine  A Look Away (2005-2010), children's short story book Metz and Bop and the Big Library Theft (2009) published under the Meetse a Bophelo – The Water of Life imprint, short story book Shaggy: 14 Rather Amusing Rambles (2010), and Supernova, the Mag for Curious Kids (2011 to date).

Who we are

BK Publishing is a vibrant publishing house in the heart of Pretoria. We are a young creative team of passionate publishers, journalists and graphic designers who focus on creating quality, proudly South African publications. We offer various publishing, corporate and creative services to the public.

The team

  • Benoit Knox

    Benoit Knox

    Benoit Knox is the director/publisher of BK Publishing. He studied a BIS Publishing degree at the University of Pretoria, as well as a Diploma in Business Management at Varsity College. He is an entrepreneur and the founder of BK Publishing and A Look Away magazine while in his second year at university. Benoit is ambitious and thinks out of the box, pushing the boundaries of the publishing industry.

    LinkedIn profile


  • Andrea Vermaak

    Andrea Vermaak

    Andrea Vermaak started her career at BK Publishing as a publishing assistant. She is now the editor of Supernova magazine. She has a BA (Journalism) Languages degree and a BA (Honours) English degree from the University of Pretoria. She also completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Intermediate and Senior Phase) from the University of South Africa. Andrea started writing for magazines while still in matric. She is determined to succeed in everything she does.

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  • Alexander Moolman

    Alexander Moolman started working at BK Publishing as an intern. He has a degree in Publishing. Before joining the team, he worked at a bookshop for a few years where he harnessed an even greater passion for books. Alex believes that the act of creation is the noblest and most rewarding of all, and hopes to create great books throughout his lifetime.

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  • Aimee Armstrong

    Ryan Canham

    Aimee Armstrong began her career at BK Publishing as an intern. She completed a BIS Publishing Honours degree at the University of Pretoria. She now works full time as a publisher, heading the self-publishing division. Aimee is a highly creative and innovative publisher, who is keen to grow our client base by offering unique, tailored services. Click the link below for more info:


Internship programme

BK Publishing offers a unique internship programme to students and professionals who seek to gain more experience in their fields within the publishing industry. Interns have the opportunity to work alongside a team of young, vibrant professionals on exciting projects, such as Supernova magazine.


Internships are open year-round. Feel free to contact us for more details.


We offer experience in the following:

• Graphic design

• Illustration

• Publishing

• Communications

• Marketing

Our social imprint - Meetse a Bophelo

Meetse a Bophelo – The Water of Life is a social entrepreneurship imprint of BK Publishing that aims to foster a love for books and reading, as well as build literacy levels and empower currently disadvantaged communities in South Africa. The project is a direct response to the lack of suitable, accessible and affordable reading material.


Metz and Bop and the Big Library Theft is the first title in a children's series of books from Meetse a Bophelo – The Water of Life. The series consists of a range of original, fully-illustrated, 100% South African stories, comics and poems that are suited to second English language readers.



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